Welcome to the Aetheron Audio

a mixing, mastering, and music production service, dedicated to supporting talented artists and video content creators from all over the world! Aetheron Audio evolved from my lifelong passion for all styles of music, as well as my many years of involvement in the music industry. 

My mission is to support talented artists to get heard and get the most out of their music by allowing them to
put their best foot forward in sound quality and to make sure that their songs are ready for distribution.

As a graduate engineer, I have more than 10 years of active experience in audio engineering, including mastering thousands of tracks, and 15 years of experience as a composer myself (under the guise of “Aeron Aether”), with more than 100 released tracks and remixes.

Besides mastering many successful tracks during these years, and being a chief mastering engineer of Monstercat Silk (former Silk Music) since 2009, the tracks that I’ve mastered are field-tested and played by top artists all over the world, in renowned global clubs and radio shows alike.


Common Misconceptions

I don't need this, "It sounds good"

As in many things, it’s in the details that the essence is revealed. If you want to get the attention of major agencies, labels or the “big players” in the music business, you need to get every detail right.

I will do the mixing/mastering on my own music

Big productions separate these activities and outsource them to an external sound engineer for a good reason, who with his years of experience, professional tools and fresh ear can hear the mistakes that our ears are used to.

I will learn to mix/master my own tracks

In order to get a high quality result, you need many years of learning, practice and high quality equipment. Furthermore, professional equipment to compete with the sound of big productions is a big investment.

Why people choose my services

Continuous communication during the process

Once we have agreed on the expectations, I do not disappear until the final result is ready. I am continuously communication to reach the best possible result.

I guarantee that you
will be satisfied

As soon as we have the final version of your music, we will listen to it together and make any necessary changes. I guarantee that you will be satisfied, and you have to pay only after I have received your final approval.

I work with clear deadlines

I like clear deadlines, which is exactly why I work according to them, so that you know when you can expect the result.


Free Sound Evaluation

Making clear decisions about the next steps when your song is ready is often hard based on my experience with some of my clients.

  • What level of engineering is necessary to reach the best possible quality for my target audience?
  • Is there anything I should improve from production point of view before sending my track to mixing or mastering?
  • How will this engineering process help me to reach more possible audiences, and supporters?
  • How much will it cost for me?

I have started a free evaluation service for this reason to support less experienced artists in the decision making process. Just drop your file, fill out the form, and I will get back to you with a detailed evaluation.

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