Music production

What is this service about?

Whether you need dedicated music or sound design for your brand, event, video, movie, show, or exhibition, I am ready to deliver.

If the video you just prepared needs a dynamic soundtrack to make it cut through, or your commercial or corporate video needs to be supported with additional music to reinforce the message you want to convey, or your want your paintings or photos to be heard when people are watching them to ensure a deeper understanding, I am here to help you.

After some preliminary consultation about the details, I am able to create customized music for your video in the tempo and harmony you need.

Why people choose my services

I have 15 years of experience as a music producer and artist, with more than 100 released tracks under my name.

In today’s saturated market it is very important that your music stands out from the rest. My creative solutions and my way of thinking will help you to make your music unique.

My studio has the industry-standard digital and analog equipment essential for the music and sound of today.

What is the process
of using the service?


Submit the material (e.g. a video, a brand, or an event description) for which you would like to use the service. I’ll review the material and then we’ll discuss the objectives, references, steps in the workflow, and technical details.


I will not disappear while the work is being carried out, we will keep in constant consultation and I will send you the final result once the work is completed.


If there is a point where the final result does not fully reflect your original vision, I will make the necessary adjustments


The process starts with consultation about the project, needs, and the context. I will ask specific questions, which I can use to determine a set of requirements, understand the context, and prepare a price offer. After we agreed about the terms, music production work is going to start. Depending on the complexity of the project, different milestones will be set to show the actual progress, and discuss about the further steps.

If the video is cut to the rhythm of an existing song, please let me know which song did you use, and the BPM of the song. This way I will be able to create your new, dedicated music at the same speed to match your video while keeping the original emotions of the earlier song in mind. If you cut the video without any guiding beats or music, I can write the new one to the natural rhythm of the video editing, which in this case will not be a perfect beat-match, but I will do my best to support the original flow of the video.

Absolutely! I do sound design for all kinds of media, films, games, electronic instruments, advertisements, or even for your song, if necessary. Please contact me with more details about your project, and I am sure we will find a solution.


Free Sound Evaluation

Making clear decisions about the next steps when your song is ready is often hard based on my experience with some of my clients.

  • What level of engineering is necessary to reach the best possible quality for my target audience?
  • Is there anything I should improve from production point of view before sending my track to mixing or mastering?
  • How will this engineering process help me to reach more possible audiences, and supporters?
  • How much will it cost for me?

I have started a free evaluation service for this reason to support less experienced artists in the decision making process. Just drop your file, fill out the form, and I will get back to you with a detailed evaluation.

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