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Why people choose my services

Once we have agreed on the expectations, I do not disappear until the final result is ready. I am continuously communication to reach the best possible result.

As soon as we have the final version of your music, we will listen to it together and make any necessary changes. I guarantee that you will be satisfied.

I like clear deadlines, which is exactly why I work according to them, so that you know when you can expect the result.



Welcome to the Aetheron Audio: a mixing, mastering, and music production service, dedicated to supporting talented artists and video content creators from all over the world! Aetheron Audio evolved from my lifelong passion for all styles of music, as well as my many years of involvement in the music industry.

To be more specific, I am a graduate in engineering, I have more than 10 years of active experience in audio engineering, including mastering thousands of tracks, and as a composer myself (under the guise of “Aeron Aether”), with more than 100 released tracks and remixes.

Besides mastering many successful tracks during these years, and being a chief mastering engineer of Monstercat Silk (former Silk Music) since 2009, the tracks that I’ve mastered are field-tested and played by top artists all over the world, in renowned global clubs and radio shows alike.

Why choose Aetheron Audio? What to expect?

In this increasingly competitive market, sound quality is as important these days in as the song itself, and audio engineering has a steep learning curve. Therefore my mission is to support talented artists to get heard and get the most out of their music by allowing them to put their best foot forward in sound quality, and to make sure that their songs are ready for distribution. As an artist, I also know how important it is to maintain the original artist’s vision during the engineering process, therefore the artist’s opinion and satisfaction is a top priority. As the second field of activity at Aetheron Audio, I do audio branding for your business, and I craft emotionally connected music for your brand, games, television, or any media which needs sonics. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

Why should you like Aetheron Audio page?

If you will follow my page, you will get regular notifications about promotions and discounts, the actual releases by partner labels, tutorial videos, tips, and many more. If you have any questions related to my services, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Facebook, or by email. Thank you for stopping by and hope to stay connected, Gábor Kovács (aka Aeron Aether)

Possible / Real Objections

I don't need this, "It sounds good"

As in many things, it’s in the details that the essence is revealed. If you want to get the attention of major agencies, labels or the “big players” in the music business, you need to get every detail right.

I will do the mixing/mastering on my own music

Big productions separate these activities and outsource them to an external sound engineer for a good reason, who with his years of experience, professional tools and fresh ear can hear the mistakes that our ears are used to.

I will learn to mix/master my own tracks

In order to get a high quality result, you need many years of learning, practice and high quality equipment. Furthermore, professional equipment to compete with the sound of big productions is a big investment.

Mi vár azokra, akik engem választanak?

Folyamatos kommunikáció a munkafolyamatok közben

Miután egyeztettük az elvárásokat nem tűnök el a végeredmény elkészültéig. Folyamatosan kommunikálok a lehető legjobb eredmény elérésének érdekében.

Munkámra garanciát
is vállalok

Amint elkészült a zenéd végleges változata együtt meghallgatjuk és szükség szerint módosítunk még rajta. Garanciát vállalok arra, hogy biztosan elégedett leszel.

konkrét határidők
alapján dolgozom

Szeretem a határidőket, pontosan ezért én is határidők alapján dolgozom, hogy tudd, mikorra készülök el az adott munkafolyamatokkal.

Selected works

When do you need me?

When price value is important

I’ve already been using industry-standard equipment digitally, but I’ve recently expanded my range of gears with analogue equipment, increasing the highest possible sound quality available while keeping my prices in the same range as before.

If you want your music to get noticed

As an artist myself, I’ve experienced that no matter how good your music is, if it’s not really professionally engineered and mastered, it won’t reach the right people. In addition, it is very important for me to keep the original vision of the artist, while trying to achieve the best possible result technically.

When you need an experienced pro

Having spent the last 15 years learning the ins and outs of the music industry, working with world-class labels and artists, I can now help those at the beginning of the same career who are facing the same challenges I did.

If you need a real engineer

I’m a real engineer with a degree and the necessary mindset that is essential for sound engineering, and electronic music.


Free Sound Evaluation

Making clear decisions about the next steps when your song is ready is often hard based on my experience with some of my clients.

  • What level of engineering is necessary to reach the best possible quality for my target audience?
  • Is there anything I should improve from production point of view before sending my track to mixing or mastering?
  • How will this engineering process help me to reach more possible audiences, and supporters?
  • How much will it cost for me?

I have started a free evaluation service for this reason to support less experienced artists in the decision making process. Just drop your file, fill out the form, and I will get back to you with a detailed evaluation.

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: mp3, Max. file size: 32 MB.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


    FAQ - Mixing/Mastering

    Like music production, mixing and mastering is also a subjective form of art in itself. Therefore it is very important to agree about a clear goal before the process, otherwise my own taste will take the lead, which can be different compared to yours.
    There are many ways to do this, but the most common is providing a reference master, or a self-master. Reaching the goal is a team work between the artist, the producer, the label, the engineer, and anyone who is leading the project, but in case of smaller projects it is usually just the artist and the engineer. At the end, differences can still occur due to the subjectivity, but in this case revision is always possible, and 1 revision loop is included in the price.

    Minimum requirement is 44,1kHz/24bit WAV or AIFF files, but 48kHz/24bit files are recommended. There should be a headroom of minimum 6dB (-6dBFS peak level), no limiting, compression, or mastering EQ on the master channel. Please check the beginning and the end of the track to be sure that there is no missing data, and the tails are complete. No additional fade in or out is necessary, as it is part of the mastering process. Providing a reference master is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

    Stem mastering is required when some more in-depth approach is necessary to improve the relative proportions of the main groups inside the track, which is not possible with normal mastering. Number of stems can vary depending on the song and the complexity, but usually 5-8 instrument groups are enough: vocals, leads, kickdrum, bass, snare or clap, hihats and percussions, pads and atmospheres, effects. If there is a special issue with the track, it is possible that certain sounds or groups will be requested separately, which can help me to get the most out of the final results. File preparation requirements are the same as for mastering.

    Mixing is required when balancing and clarity can be improved only on the instrument (track) level. Therefore in this case all tracks are necessary for the engineering process separately. It is very important to name each files properly to support identification and organization of the tracks on both sides. In case of larger projects, some tracks can be merged after prior agreement. File preparation requirements are the same as for mastering.

    Your new mix/master may sound significantly different to you, in comparison to the sound / aesthetic of your track during the production process. This difference is caused by the effort of making the track more clear and balanced, as well as the addition of depth, dimension, and loudness. Before replying with your initial feedback about the results, I would like to recommend to live with the master for at least for 24 hours. If there is something about the master that you don’t like, it could be the fact that you’re simply used to the original sound, which you heard many times during production. Take some time to get used to the new sound. Listen to the new track on as many systems as possible: on headphones, on your mobile, in a car, etc.. This will give you a broader perspective on how your track sounds and is an essential practice vs. only checking on the same speakers where you produced the track. If you have sent a reference master, please always compare to that track first.
    After you’ve taken the above steps and waited at least 24 hours since first receiving and listening to the new master(s), please contact us with your feedback. If there is anything you would like to change to match your artistic decisions, let me know, and I will be glad to provide some advice/guidance on how to reach the desired goal and provide a new revision of the mix/master when necessary.

    You absolutely can, but it is not recommended. Many artists have the skills to do the whole process by themselves, but even these artists can have the benefit of an additional pair of ears of an experienced engineer. Your ears can get used to some flaws during the long production process, and this can be easily corrected by the engineer, who is listening to your track the first time with all the experience behind, in an acoustically treated room, and with a transparent signal chain.

    There are many advantages to work with an engineer. The most important is communication, where we can set the goals together, and customize the process to the artist’s needs. I am taking care of my clients, giving advices how to reach the best possible quality, and supporting the idea and vision of the artist through revisions if it is necessary. Together we can achieve a highly personalized outcome of the mixing/mastering process.

    FAQ - Music Production

    The process starts with consultation about the project, needs, and the context. I will ask specific questions, which I can use to determine a set of requirements, understand the context, and prepare a price offer. After we agreed about the terms, music production work is going to start. Depending on the complexity of the project, different milestones will be set to show the actual progress, and discuss about the further steps.

    If the video is cut to the rhythm of an existing song, please let me know which song did you use, and the BPM of the song. This way I will be able to create your new, dedicated music at the same speed to match your video while keeping the original emotions of the earlier song in mind. If you cut the video without any guiding beats or music, I can write the new one to the natural rhythm of the video editing, which in this case will not be a perfect beat-match, but I will do my best to support the original flow of the video.

    Absolutely! I do sound design for all kinds of media, films, games, electronic instruments, advertisements, or even for your song, if necessary. Please contact me with more details about your project, and I am sure we will find a solution.